The Spotify is known as American online music hub that provides access to music to millions of people of the American community. Presently, it is not worldwide available, providing access to limited countries. In case, you want access Spotify and you are non-American than you can access the premium version without worrying about country limitation because the VPN will rescue.

This online music hub allows you to listen to music at a decent bit rate such as 128 kbps. You need a Spotify free trial account to increase the speed. Also, the Spotify gives the premium account to the user and allows them to download the songs in mp3 format.




How to Get 30 DAYS Spotify FREE TRIAL?

First of all, you have to enter the details and signup for the 30-days trial. You can get yourself entertained for 30 days without paying a penny.

In this post, we are going to show you how to sign up for 30 days free trial. The whole process is quite easy so don’t worry about the issues and complications.


  • An active email address for account confirmation
  • Active internet connection
  • Active Visa, MasterCard or any other international card
  • Be assured the registered number s easy and nearby OTP(one-time password)



Steps for Sign Up for 30-Days Free Spotify Trial

  1. Visit the Homepage and click on the Sign-Up button for the new account—skip to 7th step if you already have an account
  2. Fill all required fields such as Email and pass
  3. Keep unselected the checkbox saying “Share my registration with Spotify’s content providers for marketing purpose”.
  4. Complete the reCaptch verification and click on the Sign-Up
  5. Be patient, the Google reCaptch will take a couple of moments
  6. Login to your Email account that you have used for registration and confirm the email for Spotify account.
  7. The “Thank You” page will open. Now you can see the “Premium” button at the top menu
  8. Add the card details such as Card Number, Expiry Date, and CVV behind the card. At last, add zip code of your location and click on start 30-days free trial.

In just a few clicks your premium account activates Spotify Free Trial for upcoming 30-days. You can as much as you want without any limitations.

Few things that a “Spotify Free 30-days trial” user should learn:

First: The Company will charge after 30-days

Second: The reason behind why they have promoted to give card details while signup, so they can charge for the services being used after 30-days

Third: They charge $9.99 per month excluding Taxation (Taxes may vary from country to country)

Four: They’ll continue charging until you cancel the service

Five: Once they charge they won’t refund the money

Six: In case, your card is out of funds than they’ll charge you immediately right after you upload the funds

Using Premium on Computer

The Spotify authorities also offer amazing service that enables you tries the Spotify on your mobile, PC running on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The browser has the feature to detect the operating system and suggests you download the best compatible version.

In case you are faking by something by creating the dummy account for 30-days trial that doesn’t do that because it has quite efficient security that can tell you who you are and your IP as well.

How to Access Spotify from Non-USA Country?

This online music hab doesn’t allow the non-USA resident to access or stream for the music even if you have enough funds to pay for the premium account due to the limited country license. However, you can access from outside the USA by using VPN.

Just follow the give steps below to access Spotify outside America

  • Download VPN for your computer from Mozilla Store or Chrome Store
  • After finding the best option click on the add extension
  • Once it added you can check it on the top right corner on your screen
  • Select the USA region from the available options
  • You’ll see a Windscribe Icon by clicking on the top right corner


The Windscribe offers you 2GB of data but you can also 10 GB by giving a valid email. Get access to web player by using it. Once you reached to web player, you can now turn off the VPN. The web player doesn’t where are you from.

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