We have compiled this post to show our visitors how to solve Spotify error code 18 If you are facing the same issue then read the full post we have mentioned every possible solution that is available on websites, tutorials, and forums.

Solve Spotify Error Code 18 Using Task Manager

We are assuming that you are using Windows PC and have re-installed Spotify Premium App 2018 and this error that might be registry issue that keeps blocking the new entry.




Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Go to—Task  Manager—Process
  2. Look for the Spotify application is running in the background or not
  3. Close it until it removes from the background processes

Actually, the Spotify runs in the background just like chrome that causes a problem when trying to make changes with another Spotify installer.

2.Delete Registry

Every program that uses on the Windows leaves remnants of its existence and unless you are planning to re-install it has no use to us. However, it doesn’t value unless one wants to recover the license or serial key.

It is recommended to clean registries because it keeps the system clean and error-free in any case. The CCleaner is recommended for this job because it does quite well.

  1. Download and install a free version of CCleaner on your Windows PC because it cleans all the unwanted files from the computer and makes it speedy in doing jobs.
  2. Click on registry to open registry scanner
  3. Click on “Scan for issues” it’ll begin scanning for unwanted file and filters unnecessary registry
  4. Scanning will take a couple of minutes to complete, and this technique works evenly well for all Windows versions

Note: Backup the registries because it may contain serial keys that you’ll need to reactivate the program. Apart from serial keys, the scanning process will not be done any damage to any file.

3.Clean Up

The Microsoft has added a new feature to Windows 10 called “Clean Up” to clean all temporary files. Let me tell you the process, I wanna add that it might not solve the issue but it worth trying because there are many Spotify error code 18.

  1. Go toàSettingsàClick on “System”
  2. Go down and click on “Storage” it’ll show “Free up space”, click it
  3. It’ll start scanning, the process will take a few moments to complete
  4. Now, click on remove files

If your computer has 1GB or more temporary files the process will take almost half an hour. So, don’t close the window let the scanning process complete

4.Steam Client

The Steam is one of the biggest and major Gaming Platform the enables the user to buy games online. The Steam runs on online Bootstrapper and the Spotify has the same technology.

Steam is a huge company that provides you online security via Steam security that keeps away the invaders and hackers. Spotify facing the same problem because there are any invaders & hackers out there who are trying to use Spotify without paying any penny.

As above mentioned the Spotify and Steam both runs in the background even when they are closed and both have the same technology to prevent hackers & invaders away from the platform. Spotify cannot launch the .exe file if Steam is running in the background. In other words, if the Steam occupies the seat than the Spotify has to wait until the Steam leaves the seat.

  • Open notifications and look for Steam
  • Move your mouse to Steam icon and right click on it to view options
  • Click the “Exit” button to quit the application

5.Delete AppData

Delete all Spotify’s files and folders left behind in your computer because that might create a problem with new installation.

  1. Press the Windows button + R button, it’ll open the RUN program
  2. Type “%appdata” and click ok
  3. All programs and files will open in new window spot the Spotify folder and delete it
  4. Press Shift+Delete to remove it permanently


The Spotify error code 18 is not a big issue but it makes difficult to install a new one. If you are still getting this error then let us know in the comment section.

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